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Bankruptcy in Fort Wayne, Indiana

At Kirby Moss Law Offices, our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience a pleasant one. That is why our legal team will stop at nothing to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

In addition, our Chapter 7 and 13 preparation and filing is competitively priced. We also beat most other firms' preparation fees.
Petition to file bankrupcy form - Kirby Moss Law in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Declaring Bankruptcy in Fort Wayne, Indiana

The prospect of declaring bankruptcy is a daunting one, and something you should not have to face alone. Whether you are looking at Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our attorney assists you through this stressful time.

It is our objective to make the bankruptcy process as simple and painless as possible. Do not let your finances get worse—use our legal services. Then, depending on how far you are into the process, we may be able to:

  • Help You Understand Eligibility Requirements and the Different Types of Bankruptcy
  • File Your Petition with the US Bankruptcy Court
  • Negotiate with Your Creditors at Your 341 Meeting
  • Help You Regain Control of Your Finances and Get a Fresh Start
  • Argue on Your Behalf in Bankruptcy Court (If Necessary)